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Exam Results 2016


Examination Results for Year 11 (197 students) in Summer 2016

We are delighted with the performance figures for Year 11 who took their GCSE examinations in the summer.

The ‘Progress 8’ score measures the progress made by students in their secondary school across a broad range of 8 subjects including English, maths, 3 other EBacc subjects and 3 additional subjects.

Alleyne’s Academy achieved an impressive score of 0.27, an above average score, and puts us in the top 30% of all secondary schools in England.

Alleyne’s Academy is the 4th highest maintained school for progress in Staffordshire Local Authority.

Headteacher Karen Lockett is thrilled with this best ever figure for progress. Parents who have children at the academy or those choosing the academy for 2017 entry should be reassured that this really is a consistently good school, as judged by Ofsted, the Department for Education and the many comments we receive from the community.

Measure Alleyne’s Academy Staffs LA England
Progress across 8 subjects (P8) +0.27 sig +ve -0.09 0.00
Attainment across 8 subjects (A8) 53.2 48.9 48.2
% of students obtaining A*-C grade in English and maths 73 59 59
% of students ‘achieving’ the ‘English Baccalaureate’ 23 20 23


Examination Results for Year 13 (125 students) in Summer 2016

Alleyne’s Academy had 112 students entered for A level qualifications and 57 entered for Applied General (BTEC) qualifications.

26 students obtained 3 or more A*-B grades or equivalent, 29% went on to a Russell Group University and 95% went on to their chosen university. Many of the students with BTEC qualifications used these to obtain apprenticeships in their vocational area.

These students got an average of a grade A equivalent or better:

Charlotte Hall – 4 A* – Maths at Warwick
Katie O’Byrne – 5 A* (inc EPQ) – Medicine at Oxford
Cameron Beattie – 3 A* plus 2 A (inc EPQ) – Medicine at Oxford
Ed Butters – A* plus 2 A – Zoology at Southampton
Dan McVey – A*, 3 A, 1 B – English at Nottingham
Brittany Burrell – 3 D* – Apprenticeship
Amy Cutler – 3 D* – Apprenticeship
Tom Fitchew – 3 D* – Apprenticeship
Laura Fowell – 3 D* – Apprenticeship

Measure Average points per entry Average grade per entry
Academic level cohort (112 students) 30.30 C
BTEC cohort (57 students) 40.48 Distinction +

In addition 57 A level students were included in the AAB measure.

21% of these obtained 3 or more GCE A Level grades at AAB or higher, with 2 in facilitating subjects.

The average points per entry in the best 3 A Levels was 37.13 or B- when expressed as a grade.

National comparisons are not yet available.

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