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Careers Education and Careers Information and Guidance

At Alleyne’s Academy we are very aware of the need to prepare our students for the next stage in their education or career. We strive to provide balanced, independent and impartial advice and guidance to all our students which will help them to prepare them for their next important transition and to provide them with the skills to make decisions regarding their careers into the future.

School Careers and Enterprise Curriculum Day

Each year the school holds a Careers and Enterprise Day which involves students from all year groups participating in a series of workshops and activities geared towards their future career plans. Sessions are delivered by school staff and a number of external presenters including current university students, representatives from training organisations and employers. Topics covered include writing CVs, balancing budgets and the advantages and disadvantages of finance and loans, vocational courses and training, further education and higher education.

Different support and learning programmes are available in different year groups, tailored to meet the needs of our students at those specific times.

Year 9

As students have just arrived at school, their future career plans may be furthest from their minds, but during the year students will be involved in Alleyne’s Options Process which aims to help students make their choices regarding some aspects of their study at Key Stage Four. This process begins early in the Spring term. Students will be provided with information about the range of qualifications and the different courses on offer. This work will take place in assemblies, tutorials, work on the Career’s PSHE Day supplemented by information in the Key Stage Four Options Handbook which is available here. Additionally, a series of presentations by Heads of Department to students and a presentation and information evening for parents and students form a valuable part of the Options process. Once students have completed their preference forms, they will have an individual meeting with a member of the school’s Leadership Team to discuss their choices and how these support their future plans.

In addition, targeted groups of students will participate in some group activities with the school’s Careers Advisor. Janet Kemp works for CAPS (Careers and Participation Services) and provides independent and impartial careers advice and guidance to students at Alleyne’s Academy. These sessions will supplement the other aspects of Careers Education and Advice and Guidance in school, supporting students throughout their time at school.

Year 10

During Year 10, students arrange and undertake one week of work experience usually with a local employer. For some students, this is within the employment sector they aspire to and for others it provides the experience of the structure and expectations of a working week. All students keep a journal during their placement, and are prepared for and debriefed through the school tutorial programme.

Group work will continue with targeted groups of students who will continue to engage in group activities with the school’s Careers Advisor, Hilary Light. These sessions will continue to engage and motivate the student to start the process of preparing for their progression post-16.

Year 11

In Year 11 students’ attention turns towards their next progression to Sixth Form, college or employment with training. We provide a full programme to support our students to make informed decisions regarding their future learning throughout the year. During the year, for example through the school Careers Day, students are made aware of the different pathways available to them after Year 11. All students attend a tutorial with our independent Careers Advisor Janet Kemp and complete a questionnaire to indicate their preferences, the responses of which are used to provide further targeted support, including one-to-one careers interviews and action planning. Students can also be referred for an appointment with Hilary by their form tutor or take advantage of one of the drop-in sessions she arranges in school.

Students who had previously been targeted by the school’s Careers Advisor, are now seen individually and action plans to support them in taking the next steps towards their future are prepared. Follow up sessions ensure students stay on track with the agreed course of action as they prepare for their post-16 pathway.

How Well Do We Do? Year 11 Students (Key Stage 4) 2012/13

These data suggest we do very well! More students stay on at Alleyne’s Sixth Form or leave school to follow apprenticeships than the national or county average, and the number of students who are not settled in education, employment or training within one year are in line with the national picture.

Destination National Staffordshire Alleyne’s
Further Education College 33% 42% 32%
Other Education Provider 4% 5% 4%
School Sixth Form 37% 39% 49%
Sixth Form College 12% 2% 2%
Apprenticeships 5% 6% 7%
Sustained Employment and/or Training 2% 2% 0%
Destination not sustained 7% 6% 7%
Destination not sustained/Recorded NEET 3% 2% 3%

(NEET = Not in Education, Employment or Training)

Sixth Form

Towards the end of Year 12, the different routes available to our students are discussed. Those who are aiming to attend university start the process by learning how the UCAS application process takes place and the timeline for applications. As students move into Year 13, the UCAS application process is carefully monitored, individual references prepared for all students and arrangements made for students who require interview experience made to support their applications. Sessions on finance and money management take place, and an information evening for parents is arranged to update on such matters.

For those who are seeking employment or an apprenticeship following Sixth Form, individual appointments are arranged with Janet Kemp, the school’s independent Careers Advisor to discuss the options available and provide support and action plans during the application process.

As part of the school’s Sixth Form enrichment curriculum, all Year 12 students are encouraged to arrange and attend one week of work experience at the end of the summer term. This provides an opportunity to enhance applications and CVs for university or employment and provides a valuable opportunity to experience the expectations for employment.

How Well Do We Do? Year 13 Students (Key Stage 5) 2012/13

Following Sixth Form study, more Alleynians attend university or other higher education institutions or start an apprenticeship than in other parts of Staffordshire and nationally, and the number not settled into education, employment, or training one year after is similar to the national and county data.

Destination National Staffordshire Alleyne’s
Overall going to sustained education or employment/training 69% 74% 75%
Higher Education Institution 48% 49% 60%
Further Education College 8% 10% 3%
Other Education Provider 3% 2% 0%
School Sixth Form 2% 2% 3%
Sixth Form College 1% 0% 0%
Apprenticeships 3% 5% 4%
Sustained Employment and/or Training 6% 10% 0%
Destination not sustained 8% 11% 16%
Destination not sustained/Recorded NEET 2% 3% 3%

(NEET = Not in Education, Employment or Training)

Other Useful Sources of Information

The website of the National Careers Service: contains a wealth of information regarding the different routes available at key transition points, identifying skills to support a particular career

National Careers Service Helpline for Careers Advice 0800 100 900
Staffordshire YouthBox Site for Support and Advice: includes section on Careers Guidance and how to contact Careers Advisors and attend drop-in sessions