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Alleyne’s Academy House Scores

2016/2017 House Scores









Remember – Participation is the key!

Don’t forget that the House Year starts with Sports Day and ends after House Quiz – Term 2!



Activity Term Year Group(s) Gender Event Date Winning House
House Quiz – Term 1 1 All All w/c 3 October Forester
6th Form Halloween Edibles 1 6th Form All Thursday 13 October Bennett
6th Form 6-a-side Football 1 6th Form All Friday 4 November
Design A Christmas Card 1 All All Friday 4 November *
Christmas Shoe Box Appeal 1 All All Wednesday 16 November
Alleyne’s LLyp Sync 1 All All w/c 28 November
Christmas Jumper 1 All All Friday 16 December
FIFA 2 All All w/c 9 January
Bench Ball 2 All Female w/c 16 January
Dodge Ball 2 All Male w/c 23 January
Photography 2 All All Monday 6 February **
Poetry Writing 2 All All w/c 6 March
House Quiz – Term 2 2 All All w/c 13 March
Sports Day 3 9, 10, 12 All Tuesday 4 July

* Judging on Tuesday 8 November           Cards to go on sale w/c 14 November
** Judging on Wednesday 8 February







School Sports Day Records

 Event Name House Time/Dist Year
 Year Nine Boys
 100M  Kiran Woodall V  12.16s  2014
 200M  Kiran Woodall V  25.64s  2014
 400M Jake Regan B  61s  2014
 800M Bill Chesters F  2m22s  2015
 1500M  Ollie Coleman W  4m58s  2014
 Relay  Vincent Boys V  52.64s  2013
 Long Jump  Reece Ewan B  4.5m  2013
 Triple Jump Kiran Woodall B  10.2m  2014
Shot Putt Jack Littlehales W 11.3m 2013
Discus Nathan Boothroyd W 24.8m 2015
Javelin Michael Parry-Thomas W 28.4m 2014
Year Nine Girls
100M Natalie Tyler W 14.13s 2013
200M Ellie Murray W 31.8s 2015
300M Ellie Murray W 51.1s 2015
800M Hannah Gartland B 2m59s 2014
1500M Alanah Spilsbury W 7m3s 2014
Relay Wedgwood Girls W 60s 2014
Long Jump Shannon Connor B 3.65m 2013
Shot Putt Steph Gibson F 8.9m 2013
Discus Olivia Jaram B 21.62m 2014
Javelin Camilla Norman B 16.05m 2014
Year Ten Boys
100M Vaughan Hodson B 11.02s 2014
200M Ollie Coleman W 25.16s 2015
400M Ted Bailey B 60s 2015
800M Ted Bailey B 2m2s 2015
1500M Ollie Coleman W 4,58s 2015
Relay Vincent Boys V 50.29s 2015
Long Jump Lewis Stanley B 5.1m 2014
Triple Jump Conor Norton W 10.6m 2013
Shot Putt Jack Littlehales W 11.1m 2014
Discus Aaron Pope V 22.7m 2015
Javelin Michael Parry-Thomas V 30.4m 2014
Year Ten Girls
100M Natalie Tyler W 14.32s 2014
200 Natalie Tyler W 29.95s 2014
300M Robyn Vlok W 53.76s 2015
800M Lucy Boote V 3m0s 2014
1500M Megan Hanna W 7m5s 2015
Relay Vincent Girls V 62.8s 2014
Long Jump Hannah Woodcock V 3.9m 2014
Shot Putt Olivia Jaram B 8.43m 2015
Discus Olivia Jaram B 17.3m 2015
Javelin Nancy Harley V 22.35m 2014