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At Alleyne’s Academy, we are committed to providing every student with opportunities to develop his or her maximum potential and to provide high quality learning. All of our students are entitled to a curriculum and environment which meets their needs and enables them to flourish both academically and in terms of developing their character.


What is the difference between ‘Gifted’ and ‘Talented’?

‘Gifted’ is defined as being exceptionally able in academic subjects, such as English, Maths, Science, History or Geography. ‘Talented’ is defined as being exceptionally skilled in practical subjects such as Music, PE and Drama.


How are Gifted and Talented Students identified?

Initial identification for the More Able whole school list is based on KS2 data, information sent from middle schools and teacher recommendation during the early stages of Year 9. From then on, the More Able, Gifted & Talented students can be identified at any time throughout the school year. To be eligible for the whole school list, your son or daughter is likely to be in the top 5% nationally at KS2 or be nominated by the teaching or pastoral staff in more than at least 2 different subject areas, one of which is an academic subject. Each department uses subject specific criteria to identify Gifted and Talented students in their particular area.


How will I know if my child is on the list?

You will receive a letter informing you that your child has been identified as More Able, Gifted & Talented in one or more subject areas.  It must be noted that this does not confirm their placement throughout their time at Alleyne’s and that the register will be reviewed each academic year based on academic and relevant performance data. A student can be removed or placed back on the list at any time. However, before students are removed from the list teachers will be sure that they no longer meet the criteria for inclusion after interventions have been put in place. This fluidity ensures the school is delivering the More Able, Gifted & Talented programme to the appropriate students at any given time.


How do we provide for Gifted and Talented Students?

Challenging the most able by ……

  • Change the pace, resources, support, questioning, outcome and role within a lesson
  • The opportunity to work at higher cognitive levels using extension activities
  • Provide appropriate, challenging feedback
  • The opportunity to investigate real life situations, to solve real problems and produce real solutions
  • Regular monitoring by subject teacher, head of department and MAG&T co-ordinator, of individual attainment through the use of an individual learning passport
  • Opportunities for more able students to work together
  • Planning for Russell Group University application

Provision within the curriculum

Within the curriculum, we are constantly working to extend the expertise of our staff in providing a rich and varied range of activities specifically designed to extend our More Able, Gifted and Talented students. Teaching strategies have been developed to recognise different learning styles, extending the provision in response to what the students themselves have told us helps them to learn.  A few examples of such provisions are listed below:

  • Triple award science offered to students who are particularly able.
  • Theatre trips.
  • Entry for Double Award GCSE Physical education.

Subject specific identification enables staff to target students for appropriately stretching work and opportunities. Teachers are asked to ensure that they are considering appropriate work for these students at each monitoring point throughout the year.

Extra-Curricular Provision

Across the school, we provide a wide range of opportunities for the More Able, Gifted and Talented students to develop their skills further outside of curriculum areas. These opportunities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Young Enterprise
  • Sixth Form debating club
  • School bands
  • Music tuition
  • School production
  • Directing opportunities for 6th form students
  • Talent shows
  • University trips in various curriculum areas
  • A wide variety of sporting opportunities
  • Assisting in one off curriculum days for feeder schools
  • Mentoring younger students in literacy work

These activities are just some of the extra-curricular provisions that exist at Alleyne’s Academy to challenge and stretch our brightest minds!


Additional Parental/Carer Support

The Academy values the support that parents/carers can give in enabling students to reach their potential and have high aspirations. There are a number of outside agencies that offer opportunities for those who are Gifted & Talented and their web addresses are listed below: