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Exams 2016

Please use the link below to view a list of useful revision websites and guides.

Revision Guide Information



October 2015

Dear Parent/Carer,

Students and Staff are working hard to ensure that they are fully prepared for the forthcoming exams. The importance of thorough revision cannot be stressed enough. The higher the grades students get the more options they have post 16 and beyond. We are determined that we will match or exceed last year’s excellent record breaking GCSE results.

We are now on count down for the GCSE exams, the first exam is on the 17 May, 2016. Please look at the exam calendar which is also available on the Alleyne’s Academy website (http://www.alleynesacademy.co.uk/curriculum-and-exams/exam-calendar/). The Easter Holiday begins on Thursday 24 March 2016, we return to school on Monday 11 April, 2016 which is only a few weeks before the first exam!

Time is short, students must start their thorough revision now. Students should be revising after school and at the weekends and most definitely should be working really hard during the Easter break.

Teachers will be providing students with specific revision materials and students can access past papers and mark schemes on the internet. I have also included the times teachers are available for revision sessions and additional revision resources.

If your son/daughter requires any additional help encourage them to talk to their teacher. Personalised exam timetables will be issued in the near future.

If you require further information please contact Mr Farnworth, Head of Progress and Support Year 11. Good luck to all Year 11 students, you have worked hard and deserve success.

Yours sincerely,
K. Lockett