Reading as part of the whole-school literacy strategy is to be followed each week across years 9 – 11 for 2017-18 within curriculum lessons:


  • To improve levels of literacy in Year 9 – 11, especially amongst boys, in line with the whole school improvement plan for 2017-18.

  • To prepare students to access all areas of the curriculum by the development of literacy skills and wider reading.

  • To promote pleasure from reading fiction and non-fiction text related to all areas of the curriculum.


  • Students in Year 9 - 11 will undertake 15mins of reading per day at the start of a normal lesson. The lesson used will change on a weekly basis.  This should ideally be fiction, (but could be non-fiction) and may be from a book, magazine, newspaper etc. Students may bring their own reading material from home or loan a book from their tutor base DEAR shelf.

  • Rewards will be given to students who show a positive attitude towards DEAR.