Year 9 - Mr C Whalley and Mr A Goodfellow

The new Year 9 intake have had a very positive start to life at Alleyne’s Academy. They have settled in very well and I am optimistic that they can go from strength to strength throughout this academic year. The attendance for Year 9 is 96.7%. This is a very encouraging statistic and is proof that that the transition process with middle schools during the summer term was successful. The form with the most 100% attendees (19) was acknowledged in the praise assembly.

The first set of Year 9 monitoring data was for Attitude towards Learning (ATL) only. 203 students received a total of 318 ‘outstanding’ ATL judgements and 1342 ‘good’ judgements. This represents a fantastic start to the year. The Year 9 team will continue to work hard and put strategies in place to maintain this positive Attitude towards Learning trend. At the end of half term 1 we held the praise assembly where the top performing students across numerous areas of academic life were recognised and received prizes. Text messages have also been sent out by Mrs Hewson to all those students who have received Good or Outstanding ATL grades in every lesson so far.

The school has now subscribed to the Duke of Edinburgh programme again, with a brilliant uptake in Year 9, with initially over 40 students expressing interest. Over the course of the next month, students will be introduced to Duke of Edinburgh and the different elements required to achieve the award.

Year 10 - Mr P Farnworth and Mrs C Powell

Year 10 have made a positive start to the year and are engaging well with their options subjects after being able to select them at the end of Year 9.

We have already had our first praise assembly lead by Mrs. Powell; a great opportunity to celebrate the success of the pupils. Prizes were awarded for the following categories: Attendance; Attitude towards Learning; School Spirit. In addition, praise letters have been sent home to those achieving 5 or more ‘outstanding’ grades on last term’s monitoring. Text messages have also been sent to parents/carers where a student has consistently been awarded a Good or Outstanding grade during lessons. This new initiative is designed to recognise those students who may not achieve a praise assembly award.

Year 10 have had one minuted School Council meeting, following the appointment of new school representatives from each Tutor Group. The Council have appointed two representatives for the School Parliament which will take place during the autumn term.

Looking forward to the events for the next few months, Mrs Mansfield is busy preparing for the Year 10 Annual Christmas Market to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Mr Eldershaw is working hard to support the placement of students in a suitable work experience position which will take place during February 2018.

Year 11 - Mrs H Broadist and Mr B Molloy

It has been a busy start to the year for Year 11. They returned from the summer break to the news that they had done fantastically well in their RE GCSE. I am sure that this will spur them on for the year ahead.

Just before half term Year 11 took part in a careers morning. This involved a talk about future options in the theatre by Mr Tweats and then the opportunity to research different careers and the path that they need to take to ensure that they reach their chosen destination. Some of the students who are interested in apprenticeships were invited to a work shop by ‘ASK’ who gave them the chance to ask questions and register interest for future apprenticeships.

The students are already working hard to make sure that they achieve their potential next summer by attending the many revision clubs we offer here at Alleyne's. They are also working towards their mock exams in January. A great start to their final year!

A great start to their final year!

Sixth Form

Year 12 - Miss M Rees

This half-term has been a busy start to a busy year for Year 12, with students acclimatising to life within the Sixth Form. Many students have settled into their courses well and are showing a good start to their new qualifications. Some students have changed courses, and some have returned that initially left; however students are now settling into the content of their subject.

Year 12s have also had their first "settling in" parents’ evening, which was well-attended, with teaching staff having that first opportunity to touch base with home and discuss the progress of students on their courses. The feedback received from this, from both staff and parents, has been positive, helping parents to understand the demands on their children within their education.

Within the first half-term we have met with the student council, of which each year groups have representation, discussing various topics and hearing some enlightening feedback from the pupils.

We are now focusing on the Christmas Mocks, with students having been issued revision information from teachers to ensure that they are best prepared to proceed with their further education. Students have also been given exam timetables, complete revision lists and any additional information regarding their exams, which will also be shared with parents in correspondence home.

Students have engaged with a wide range of enrichment opportunities, with many students opting to work with lower-school classes, whilst others have been more adventurous in their selection, finding voluntary places within the community, such as at the Citizens’ Advice Bureau. Students have also been introduced to their work experience, and are beginning to organise places in preparation for January.

The Citizen 3C programme and the NCS programme have been offered to students as well as the Duke of Edinburgh Gold award; an excellent opportunity to advance skills, explore the countryside and aid their local community. Approximately 10 students are currently interested in the award, and will be introduced to the different elements shortly.

This has been a fantastic, positive start to the year which will hopefully continue.

Year 13 - Mr R Haydon

Year 13 enter the year on the back of some promising results in the Mocks last summer. Many students have commenced their UCAS applications with six students completing this by the Early Entry deadline for courses in Medicine and Veterinary Medicine with some looking at Oxbridge destinations. Others have spent the summer researching their options at different Universities or at alternative routes such as Apprenticeships.

A new prefect team has been appointed with 25 representatives on this team. The team worked well at their first official engagement on the Open Evening showing themselves to be the excellent ambassadors to the Academy that they are when showing parents around the school on the night. Head Boy (Thomas Hales) and Head Girls (Catherine Jones and Ella Williamson) also spoke on the evening to give an insight on student experience at Alleyne’s and did so with great maturity.

Sixth Form Council has also been elected with each tutor group represented. The first meeting has taken place and work has already begun on some of the issues raised. Such a positive student engagement is hoped to be at the heart of the Sixth Form.

Academic studies have also begun with a focus on Mock examinations in December. With many students setting themselves goals for the future they are well motivated to achieve. As such they are using their time well to engage with their subjects completing Independent Learning activities alongside their lessons.

Outside of lessons many students are engaging in enrichment activities helping in lower school or other voluntary based activities. On Wednesday afternoons others are participating in sports activities. Both the football and rugby teams have progressed in the County Cup with wins against the Cheadle Academy (4-1) in the football, and, Wolverhampton Grammar (34-17) in the Rugby. Well done to all concerned.

15 students also received Student of the Month awards for September as well as postcards being sent home to celebrate their achievements. Early plans with regard to the organising of the Prom at the end of the Year have already been set in action.

Overall, a busy but positive Half Term to start the Year.