Expressive Arts Faculty - Mr S Butler (Head of Faculty)


Once again, students achieved excellent exam results in the Art department and were very pleased with the outcomes of both GCSE and ‘A’ Level pupils. The end of year, annual moderation exhibition was curated in June and July and gained high praise from examiners and observers alike! I encourage everybody to keep an eye out for art work displayed throughout the school; it is of an extremely high standard.

Below: A sample of work, showing a range of ability levels.

Year 9 pupils have settled into their studies successfully and are currently studying their Formal Elements and GCSE introduction work. Our exam courses continue to excel whilst integrating new specifications and marking criteria. This obviously includes the new 9-1 grading system and, for the first time, pupils developing their GCSEs from Year 9, instead of Year 10.

The Art Department Sixth Form trip to Liverpool took place in July and pupils gained strong experience in the analysis of art work and development of ideas, for their A Level portfolios. We visited The Walker and Tate Galleries.

After school and lunchtime art clubs continue to be very popular and we are embarking on our annual art installation for the Stone Advent Windows project. This is in its eighth year and we have supported it from the beginning. In addition, the Stone Town Council Christmas Card Competition is due to be entered shortly.


Rehearsals are going well for this year’s school play ‘Grimm’s Fairy Tales’. We have an excellent cast following an audition process and even have Sixth Formers broadening their skills and taking some lunch time rehearsals. We are hoping to create a ‘twist’ on the usual happy endings by fusing live music, a haunting set and physical theatre.

Year 10 are busy devising a piece of theatre to be examined on 8th December. The stimulus was board games and the metaphor of life being a game. They are considering fate and chance.

Year 11 have been studying the play ‘Noughts and Crosses’ and are about to embark on their practical assessment based on John Godber’s ‘Teechers’.

Year 12 are busy devising a piece of theatre based on the stigma behind mental illness. This will be showcased to a live audience. They are enjoying the new AQA specification.

A range of trips are being planned. A recent trip to see ‘Antigone’ at the Lowry was ‘thwarted’ due to an accident on the M6!




Across Year 9, pupils are partaking in projects which form an introduction to GCSE and touch, briefly, on specific areas of study that will be covered in more depth across Year 10 and Year 11. The students have settled well and a pleasing learning environment has quickly been developed from the start of September.

A lovely group of enthusiastic and willing Year 10s who have started the term with a ‘Riffs’ project that allows the teachers to determine the capabilities of pupils. This, in turn, allows us to develop specific areas of study, based on individual’s ability. The students have settled in well and seem to very much enjoy being in Music.

Year 11 groups have started very positively and are working hard. We are in the process of finishing ‘Film Music’ and will then move on to ‘Conventions of Pop’. Once this is completed, we will commence a programme of revision and will be working on finalising coursework, ready for submission.

Business/ICT Faculty - Mr S Eldershaw (Head of Faculty)

There have been a lot of changes to the department for the start of the new academic year. Most notably we have seen the introduction of Computer Science into our already thriving portfolio of courses, taught by Mr Millington. We have a group apiece in Years 9 and 10 and we hope to see them progress into Sixth Form by offering A Level Computing for the first time in 2019. We are delighted with the start to the new academic year and I am pleased at how well Mr Millington has settled in. Both he and Miss Newnes are establishing themselves quickly, getting to grips with the methods of our Faculty and building quality relationships with students.

We are proud of the fact that we continue to offer a wide range of courses to help the Academy provide a broad and balanced curriculum, with new courses in Years 9 and 10 for both Business and IT helping to complement the new Computer Science course. We are hoping to balance the new GCSE 9-1 Business course for Year 10 with the Technical Award BTEC Business course. We hope that we can help as many students as possible to achieve the highest possible grades, although we are aware that it means extra preparation time and marking for subject staff. Mrs Chadwick in particular has been a huge help, using her vast knowledge of BTEC courses and moderation.

We have completed numerous trips already, with Year 10 Business students completing their annual trip to Drayton Manor Park, Year 10 Computing attending sessions at Stafford College to use their Lego technology room and the Young Enterprise team embarking on their latest journey to represent the school at the World of Wedgwood. We find those types of experiences to be very important to help build relationships with students, and Mr Millington and Miss Newnes in particular have enjoyed getting involved with the Young Enterprise teams and helping improve the overall experiences of our dedicated students. We are also working hard to facilitate the Work Experience scheme with both Year 10 and 12 and December is the deadline for those students to register their placements, therefore allowing us to risk assess and complete the pre-checks.

Design and Technology Faculty - Mr C Bailey (Head of Faculty/Assistant Headteacher)

The Autumn Term began with the Faculty celebrating its summer 2017 GCSE departmental results. We are extremely pleased with all areas of technology; this year again highlighted Technology as one of the top performing faculties here at Alleyne’s.

Fifteen of our Technical Award BTEC Catering students were chosen to attend a specially designed careers day at Stafford College. We have some extremely talented catering students who wish to pursue this subject at Post 16 level and the day enabled learners to experience a full programme of professional activities to showcase opportunities for those Alleyne’s students wishing to consider this career. This is organised as part of our PHSE programme and overseen by our food department.

The Technology Faculty will again be playing a huge supportive role in the Young Enterprise scheme. Year upon year we see great success for the teams in this area. Our skilled teaching staff are able to help facilitate the design and manufacture of products which go on to achieve national recognition in this exciting Business run venture for young designers from Alleyne’s.

The Faculty’s GCSE catering exams took place in November this year and these continue to prove successful as our talented students work with skill and creativity to produce their own unique culinary delights to impress both teaching staff and exam board alike.

The 2017 Year 8 Open Evening in September was an incredible success with many parents and students showing an interest in Technology. Mrs Allen, assisted by Mrs Paige, presented a superb display of food for our visitors. The interactive activities saw many students and parents engaged with the practical element of food and catering. Mrs Allen was assisted by our Year 11 talented students who helped to provide delicious refreshments for all, whilst Mr. Marsh was busy promoting both Graphics and Product Design to students of our feeder schools – ensuring the continued success of the Faculty.