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The Government believes that the Pupil Premium, which is additional to main school funding, is the best way to address the current underlying inequalities between children eligible for free school meals (FSM) and their wealthier peers by ensuring that funding to tackle disadvantage reaches the pupils who need it most.

The Pupil Premium is allocated directly to the school and the school is afforded the autonomy to decide how it is best spent.

In 2016/17 Alleyne's Academy received an allocation of £80,000

In 2015/16 Alleyne's Academy received an allocation of £75,000

In 2014/15 Alleyne's Academy received a total of £87,062

In 2013/14 Alleyne's Academy recieved a total of £87,000

The impact for those pupils with an entitlement to free school meals and for looked after children at GCSE is as follows:

Pupil Premium Outcomes


5 Standard Passes+ m2 English and Maths


%  4+ in English*


% 4+ in Maths*


*Revised GCSE specifications with 9 – 1 grading

+Standard pass in Grade C+ or 4+





Action Description Target
Enhanced Data Tracking Continuation of last year’s strategy with Assistant Headteacher continuing to track, monitor and evaluate PP student progress and closing of attainment gap. Assistant Headteacher reports back to SLT and Governing Body with the Link Governor to review progress and identify improvements to process. Assistant Headteacher to ensure that all staff are trained in the use of SISRA. PP Learning Mentors to use a simple method of extracting specific objectives from subject teachers. Pupils are identified based on existing data and the appropriate support and interventions put into place. Senior leaders, teaching staff, governors, heads of department are fully aware and accountable for PP student progress.
On-site vocational learning Continue to deliver the BTEC Level 1 Construction course to 31 students in both Year 10 (16) & 11 (15). Mr. Wilkinson with specific responsibility to deliver the course and monitor student attainment. Subject teacher to liaise with Head of Faculty to ensure that behavioural measures are put in place so that every child can work in a positive working environment. Students will receive funding to support with subject specific materials. 100% pass rate on BTEC Level 1 course.
Attendance and Intervention Monitoring of attendance and intervention provided by SLT and Senior Leader (CBY) with responsibility for attendance. Attendance of all PP students tracked so that intervention can be targeted promptly. PP Persistent Absence to be targeted specifically by CBY. All PP students to achieve 97% attendance.
 Learning Mentors Three pupil premium learning mentors will continue to work closely with PP students throughout the school.
TS – Year 9 mentor
MR – Year 10 mentor
RP – Year 11 mentor
All mentors will have regular meetings with PP students regarding attendance, punctuality, target setting etc… Learning Mentors will work closely with subject staff in order for subject specific objectives to be set for each student.
Learning Mentors to arrange meetings in tutor time as opposed to students coming out of lessons so that students can be collected in person.
To reduce the gap for LoP made and overall 5 A*-C grades for PP students
Education Welfare Officer EWO will continue to liaise with CBY & HoPS regarding students with attendance issues. An increased number of home visits will be performed with PP students. Persistent absentees to be key target group for the academic year 2016/17. CBY to ensure that the required data is shared with EWO. To reduce the number of PP students becoming persistent absentees.
Study Plus Literacy Support Additional targeted tuition in literacy to raise attainment at KS3 & KS4.  On a rotational basis, students receive two 20 minutes slots a week during afternoon registration. Work from sessions collated and monitored by teacher responsible for PP students across the department. PP Learning Mentor to continue to track individual students.


Year 9 Baseline Tests will assess students performance so that students requiring additional support can be quickly identified.

70% of pupil premium students to pass each module test.
Year 11 Literacy Support Tuition given to small groups of Year 11 students on a rotational basis during afternoon registration for English Language. Tutor liaises with tutors to ensure that attendance to sessions is good. Rewards for attendance could be used for certain students. 70% of PP students to achieve A*-C in practice papers.
Maths Tuition PP Students taken from non core subjects for two 30 minute tuition periods per fortnight with a qualified teacher. A narrower gap towards 3 LoP for  PP compared to non-PP students between Autumn 1 2016 and Spring 1 2017.
Maths support in lessons Targeted in class support for a select group of PP students. During timetabled maths lessons there will be a second specialist teacher which will work specifically with the PP students.
The use of SAM Learning as an alternative approach will aid the teacher and allow for independent learning to take place either at home or school.
A narrower gap towards 3 LoP for  PP compared to non-PP students between Autumn 1 2016 and Spring 1 2017.
Pastoral Incentives A continuation of the  reward system which will be very much based on an individual basis and designed to encourage and motivate PP students to improve their attendance, ATL grades, behaviour and participation in house competitions and extra-curricular activities.
Objective setting to include PP Learning Mentor, subject teachers and PP students to ensure that realistic and achievable targets are set. Rewards to be given discreetly to students and to be given on a personalised basis.
Improved/maintained: attendance, ATL grades, target grades, involvement in wider participation, behaviour.
Cultural Experiences/trips Departments to apply for additionally funding by completing the PP funding application form. To be used for educational visits, field trips, university information days.
Subject teachers to have conversations wit all PP students to reassure them of the trip and to make sure that a financial contribution is given.
All pupil premium students given opportunity to attend external visits or courses in the academic year.
Year 10 Literacy Support Targeted assistance given to year 10 PP students in English. PP students taken out of existing lessons in order to have more focused and directed English tuition. This will be organised on a rotational basis.
Effective communication with tutors will ensure that the attendance to these support sessions is good.
75% of all PP students to increase by at least 1 grade  (new grading criteria)
Financial Support to Enhance Learning Financial support provided for students in relation to provision of ingredients and materials in Technology, revision guides, school uniform, music tuition and instrumental hire.
Teachers and Tutors to communicate with the PP students on a low profile basis with constant input from the relevant PP Learning Mentor.
Increased attendance. PP students represented in GSCE Music lessons. Increased uptake of PP students in extra-curricular activities.
Transition of Year 8 Pupil Premium students to High School Engage with pupil premium students and parents in year 8 to identify specific student need and inform of school support available. Such as assistance with uniforms.
Letters home to existing Year 8 PP students and to have an open evening where parents can ask questions regarding their child’s PP entitlement.
Contact made with parents. Data base of student profiles created. Invitation to all parents/carers of potential Year 8 PP students to ensure that all are aware of assistance given.
Numeracy Intensive Programme (NIP) Baseline tests undertaken followed by weekly half hour intensive numeracy tuition with support staff to improve numeracy with a focus on Y9 PP students. Liaising with Maths Department in order to ensure consistency. Teachers to identify the benefits of such a scheme and to help to develop the individual students self-esteem as well as their literacy. Reward scheme to incorporate the NIP scheme. Pupil premium students on NiP make the same progress in their maths monitoring as non-PP students in NiP.
Literacy Intensive Programme (LIP)/Reading Tests Baseline tests undertaken followed by 30 x half hour intensive literacy tuition with Teaching Assistant to improve reading age. Year 9 & 10 PP students involved. Teachers to identify the benefits of such a scheme and to help to develop the individual students self-esteem as well as their literacy. Reward scheme to incorporate the LIP scheme. Pupil premium students on LiP make the same progress in their reading age as non-PP students in LiP.
SEND: Development of Social Skills Continued support available to develop student’s social skills. This helps them to prepare for college, employment, apprenticeship etc. Careers & Information Guidance provided by the school will assist the students to attend open days etc. All PP students to develop their confidence and to become more active in school life through participation in extra-curricular activities.
SEND Buddy Scheme For 6th form students to support lower school pupils and help with homework tasks, House competitions etc. HB to outline the benefits of the scheme and the regards at the end. To increase the participation of PP students in House competitions
Additional Year 11 Maths Tuition Additional Maths tuition provided to PP students by qualified Maths teacher. Students are taken from lessons and given 30 minutes each week for specific tuition. Assistant Headteacher to monitor student attendance and progress. All students make at least 3 Levels of Progress in GCSE Maths in Summer 2017.
GCSE Science and Mathematics Revision Packs Resources to provide GCSE Science and Maths students with past exam papers and materials for independent study and revision. All Y11 students have revision packs provided for GCSE Science and Mathematics
Breakfast club Provision of free breakfast for Pupil Premium students on daily basis. Discreet & informal with students and contact with parents if necessary to ensure that all students are aware of this provision. Improved attendance and punctuality to school
Enterprise initiatives Funds made available so that PP students can set up their very own mini-enterprise. PP students actively encouraged to take part in the process and supported by staff or external specialists. To attract at least 6 PP students to take part in this activity.
Greater participation in extra-curricular activities.
Total Expenditure  £97,600  
Anticipated PP Funding for 2016/17 £80,000  

Number of Pupil Premium students: Y9 = 40; Y10 = 34; Y11 = 33

Please see detailed plan for 2016/2017 here:

Alleyne’s Academy Pupil Premium Plan For 2016-17