Provision is provided for staff and pupils to be given access remotely to a school network desktop, via the school web site. This is mainly aimed to allow access to the user’s home folder and school share area and MS Office programs.


To access this resource simply click the ‘Remote Login’ link



You will then be asked to enter the school user name and password in the format shown.











The following tools are then provided

The office tools can be run directly from the shortcuts, recommended, if you just wish to quickly edit a document or spreadsheet for example. The ‘School Desktop’ link will open a full Virtual Desktop as if you were in the school.

When any option is selected you may be asked if you trust the connection, if so please click ‘Connect’ as shown:-

Users will then be passed to the application of choice or a Windows 2012 Desktop, as below:

Selecting the highlighted Windows symbol will open the ‘Start’ page to access required programs.

If you have any problems logging on please email