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Alleyne’s Academy at KMF Young Engineer of the Year 2018


The project, which challenges teams of year 10 students to design, build and race an electric kit car, is part of KMF's annual 'Young Engineer of the Year' (YEOTY) competition which is now in its sixth year.



Jenny Conlon, KMF's Training Centre Manager, said: "These young people have got the opportunity to feel like Lewis Hamilton. They have torn up the rulebook and designed and manufactured their own race cars from scratch — it's incredible! We hope the excitement of the day and the engineering experience gained over the past 9 months of the project, will inspire these young students to consider all of the exciting careers available to them in engineering and other STEM subjects."

The final race day of the 2018 KMF Young Engineer of the Year competition saw 22 schools go head-to-head on the track of Mallory Park race circuit in Leicester, to discover which of the teams had developed the fastest and most efficient electric kit car.

Alleyne’s Academy was one of those teams. Every year Alleyne’s Year 10 students are given the opportunity to participate in the Project.  It starts with the annual launch assembly, where students were asked to complete application forms detailing what skills could they bring to the project and how they think they would benefit.

From the applications received, 11 students were selected to make up the final team. Students worked on the project at afterschool clubs and lunchtimes often working separately on building, marketing and design.  Electric-powered race cars were built from Greenpower kits supplied by KMF Group and a selection of sponsor organisations. The challenge was to achieve the fastest lap over two 90-minute heats or to travel the furthest distance. Each heat involved a pit stop for a driver change with Greenpower rules dictating a minimum of three drivers per race. With over 250 students competing for chequered flag glory, the level of enthusiasm and competition was intense.

Despite huge time pressure and crashing at race day, blowing the motor and having to rebuild from scratch, the students from Alleyne’s Academy enjoyed themselves immensely and agreed that the Young Engineer of the Year competition has ignited their interest in engineering and the different engineering jobs that could be available to them in the future.