Year 9 Baseline Testing

During the next two weeks, 10th – 21st September 2018, baseline testing will be carried out in English, Mathematics, and Science.

There is no revision required for these tests as they will be used to inform staff of each student’s current academic performance. Please note the results of these tests will not be fed back formally to parents as they are for internal purposes only.

All tests are between 1 hour and 1 hour 45 minutes long and will take place in the school hall for English and classrooms for Mathematics/Science.

All students will need to have a calculator for the Science papers; for the purpose of this test any calculator is sufficient.

The baseline test results, along with Key Stage 2 SATs data and middle school assessments will be used to reshuffle some of the teaching groups to ensure that students are placed in the correct group for their ability level. We will communicate any changes to students and parents/carers towards the end of September.