Outstanding results at Alleyne's Academy, in the top 20% of all state schools nationally.

Progress in a range of 8 subjects including English, Maths and Science was a massive +0.4, meaning that on average they achieved almost half a grade better in each subject than similar students nationally.

This puts the Academy in the top 20% of all state schools (including selective schools) nationally (Percentile Rank 18).

The pass rate of 71% getting grade 4 (equivalent to a C grade) or better in English and Maths was 9% better than that achieved by similar students nationally and puts the Academy in the 12th percentile rank.

Headteacher Karen Lockett is proud to lead such a high quality staff who achieve exceptional working relationships with their students. She remarked that this is the 4th year in succession that progress for Year 11 students has been positive.

(FFT Aspire 2018)