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04 Apr

Dear Parent/ Carer,

After a period of consultation with staff, Governors and students a decision has been made to alter the timing of lessons in the school day from September 2017.

We have ensured that the start and finish time remain the same so as not to cause any inconvenience to parents, carers and bus companies, however our aim is to make the after lunch learning period shorter for students. We believe that this will have a positive impact on students’ concentration and learning. Many other schools both locally and nationally have adopted this ‘shorter afternoon’ approach and comment on its success. Currently our afternoon session is the longest session of the day and we find that learning is most productive before lunch. Colleagues who have worked at other schools who have a similar system say that is extremely beneficial and that learning and students’ behaviour for learning is much improved in the shorter afternoon session.

We have extended morning break to ensure that students have time to have a substantial break time snack and reduced lunch time by five minutes to accommodate this. Breakfast will still be available for students to purchase in the canteen before school.

During exam periods we will ensure that any students who have an exam will have an earlier lunch time and our catering staff are happy to accommodate this.

We hope that this will have a positive impact on the learning of students who tell us that they learn more before lunch and they say they would prefer having only one lesson after lunch.

We will evaluate the new timings at Easter of 2018. As ever our aim is that students are happy, safe and fulfil their academic potential.

Timing of the school day September 2017

Breakfast available in the dining room from 8.30

8:55-9:00 Arrive at school

9:00- 9:05 Registration in tutor room

9:05-10:05 Period 1

10:05-11:05 Period 2

11:05-11:25 Break

11:25-12:25 Period 3

12:25-1:25 Period 4

1:25- 2:05 Lunch

2:05-2:10 Registration in tutor room

2.10-2.25 Tutor time / assembly

2.25-3.25 Period 5

School day ends 3.25

Yours sincerely

Ms K Lockett