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19 Jul

Teachers accumulate 76 years of service at Alleyne’s Academy
Two highly esteemed teachers are leaving Alleyne’s Academy (formerly Alleyne’s High School) having accumulated 76 years of service at the school between them.

Mrs. Wendy Moore, Deputy Head and History Teacher, has been a key member of Alleyne’s Academy for 44 years. As a member of the Senior Leadership Team, she has not only taught History throughout this time, but has contributed to a tremendous team effort in leading Alleyne’s Academy to be the fourth highest performing school in Staffordshire.

Mrs. Carole Davies, Head of English Faculty, has been with the school for 32 years, during which time she has led the English Faculty and educated and supported thousands of students.

The two teachers, however, are not leaving Alleyne’s Academy to relax and put their feet up. Mrs. Moore is taking over as Principal History Examiner at the Cambridge International Examination Board and Mrs. Davies is continuing to teach English on a part-time basis at Adams Grammar School in Newport.

In addition, Mrs. Gill Sheehan, Science Teacher, is taking early retirement, after 18 years of teaching at the school.

The teachers are wished all the very best and will be greatly missed by the staff, students and governors.