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15 Feb

Year 8 Key Stage 4 Options Information Evening – Thursday 2nd March 2017

As you will be aware, I have spoken to Year 8 students about the Options Process and issued the booklets and options preference form.  As part of this process, we want you and your child to be able to attend talks given by subject areas that he/she is interested in to provide support in drawing up a list of preferences.

At school, your child has been looking at the Options Booklet and also a schedule of times for talks in the different subjects on the Options Information Evening.

We would also like you to be able to attend a brief presentation by members of the Senior Leadership Team, the aims of which are: to introduce you to the range of courses and qualifications on offer at Alleyne’s, inform you of the key dates in the options process and consider questions you may wish to discuss with your child.

Since the Options Preference Form asks for a total of six subjects (to study four) the evening has been arranged so that you can attend up to six talks.  The talks will last up to ten minutes with a small amount of time for questions.

For children who are competent in French and are interested in putting forward Spanish as an options preference, the “Spanish Day” will take place on Saturday 4th March from 10.00am to 12.30pm.  Further details will be given at the Spanish talks.

Mrs K Hewson

Assistant Headteacher, Curriculum