Enrichment Aims

Each student engages in at least one form of enrichment in addition to their academic study. This activity could be anything that will aid their CV or an application and will help the student to develop new skills or experience new ideas.

Examples of enrichment activities for students include: the SEND Buddy Scheme, Young Enterprise, supporting in lower school sports clubs, supporting in sports clubs outside of school and supporting or volunteering in the local area. (Further list below.)

The Enrichment Programme is designed to help students develop academic, social and personal skills in line with their studies and to enable students to engage with areas of interest outside of their academic studies. Enrichment allows students to add breadth and depth to their learning experience whilst in the Sixth Form, whilst also making a contribution to school and wider society.

The amount of time dedicated to each enrichment opportunity will vary but it should be focussed and regular, approximately one hour per week. It does not include paid employment.


  • The SEND Buddy Scheme ​
  • Young Enterprise
  • Duke of Edinburgh​
  • Social Enterprise Club
  • Supporting in lower school sports clubs ​
  • Student Council​
  • Subject Ambassadors/Mentors​
  • House Ambassadors
  • Work experience
  • Prefect and Head Team events/projects​
  • Involvement in sixth form events e.g. charity work, Bake-off etc.​
  • Supporting or volunteering in the local area​