Facilities Hire


The lettings charges are reviewed and set by the Academy’s Governing Body on an annual basis. These rates take into consideration energy costs, wear and tear on premises, site supervisor/janitor expenses and security of premises. All charges should be paid in advance of the letting. If it is necessary to cancel the letting please notify the Director of Business & Finance on 01785 337400 within five working days of the booking date. Cancellations made after this time will incur a charge.

Please direct any enquiries to lettings@alleynes.staffs.sch.uk

with effect from January 2023

  Weekday Single Hourly Rate £ Weekend Single Hourly Rate £
Classroom 20.00 20.00
Dining Room 30.00 40.00
Drama Studio 30.00 40.00
Theatre 30.00 40.00
Hall 30.00 40.00
Sixth Form Area 20.00 24.00
Cricket Pavilion 30.00 36.00
Playing Field 30.00 36.00
Movement of furniture (by caretaker) 20.00 25.00
Sports Hall 45.00 45.00
Astro Turf 80.00 80.00

• A cleaning charge will be imposed if the premises are not left in a suitable condition.

• The minimum hire is one hour