Year 8 Options

Year 9 Options

Years 9, 10 and Year 11 are very important years in education.  Students will be sitting exams in at least Year 10 and Year 11 which will have a huge influence on their future career paths. We aim to give them as much advice and guidance as possible so that we can support them in making these important decisions.

Students now choose their options in Year 8.

The key things that you must consider when making your choices are:

  •     Choose subjects that you enjoy
  •     Choose subjects in which you will be successful
  •     Choose subjects that will prepare you for your future

Core Subjects at Alleyne’s Academy are:

  •     English Language
  •     English Literature
  •     Mathematics
  •     Sciences – Biology, Physics, Chemistry
  •     RE
  •     PSHE
  •     PE

Thursday 12th March 2020: Year 8 Option Evening

Year 8 Options Booklet, please click here

Year 8 Options Preference form, please click here