Staff Members

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Ms K Lockett Headteacher
Mr T Tweats Deputy Headteacher
Mrs J Atkinson Director of Business & Finance
Mr C Bailey Senior Assistant Headteacher & SENDCO
Mrs R Farnworth Senior Assistant Headteacher
Mrs K Hewson Senior Assistant Headteacher 
Mrs M Justice  Assistant Headteacher
Mr R Haydon Assistant Headteacher
Mr S Eldershaw Assistant Headteacher
Mrs M Barnes PA to SLT  



Heads of Progress & Support

Mr P Farnworth Head of Year 9                          
Mrs C Powell Assistant Head of Year 9
Mrs H Broadist Head of Year 10
Mr K Blake  Assistant Head of Year 10
Mr C Whalley Head of Year 11
Miss C Newnes  Assistant Head of Year 11
Mr R Haydon  Head of Sixth Form
Mrs R Bourne Assistant Head of Sixth Form


Administration / Clerical Support

Mrs L Smith Administrative Officer   
Mrs R Jones Receptionist
Mr R Wilson Administrative Officer


Buildings Premises

Mr D Buckley Site Manager                      
Mr P. Mould  Site Technician


Business Studies/ICT Faculty

Mr S Eldershaw Head of Faculty                   
Mrs K Hewson Senior Assistant Headteacher
Mrs A Chadwick Teacher
Mr T Tweats Teacher
Miss C Newnes Teacher    
Mr J Millington Teacher
Mrs H Spooner Teacher
Miss N Harris Teacher



Mrs A Graham Head of Departmnent              
Miss D Hunt Second in Faculty
Mrs C Powell Teacher Yr 9 PP
Mrs R Rutter Teacher
Mrs H Mansfield Teacher
Mr D Weston Teacher
Mrs N Cooper Teacher
Ms D Powell Teacher 
Ms A Roberts Teacher

Examinations & Supply Cover

Mrs J Arnold Exams Officer              
Mrs V Newton Administrative Officer (Exams/Data)
Ms F Porter Admin / Cover Supervisor
Mr P Geory Cover Co-ordinator / Cover Supervisor



Mrs J Atkinson Director of Business& Finance
Mrs A Leadbeater Finance Officer


Mr S Blood Head of Department
Mrs M Rushton-Fox Teacher
Mrs R Bourne Teacher 


Mrs J Davies Head of Department
Mrs H Broadist Teacher
Miss A Dale Teacher


Learning Support

Mr C Bailey SENDCO
Mrs D Boote Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs H Bird Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs L Marklew Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs S Barnett-Chevin Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs J Gill Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs J Ward  Pupil Support Assistant
 Mrs S O'Connor Pupil Support Assistant



Ms M Justice Head of  Faculty         
Mrs J Fox Second in Faculty
Mrs M Plant Teacher
Mr C Whalley Teacher
Dr A Thomson Teacher
Miss H Pedersen Teacher
Mrs J Jones Tutor
Mr R Askey Teacher
Mrs V Felthouse Teacher
Mr A Goldsmith Teacher

Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs V Durand Head of Department
Mrs E Donnadieu Teacher of Spanish


Performing Arts

Mr S Butler Head of Faculty                     
Mrs N Vollands Teacher of Drama
Mrs C Powell Teacher of Drama
Ms N Harris Teacher of Art
Mr D Shooter Teacher of Music


Physical Education

Mr S Powell Head of Department            
Mrs S Molloy Teacher
Mr K Blake Teacher  
Mr J Beasley Teacher


Religious Education,Social Sciences & Health & Social Care

Mr R Haydon Head of Faculty   
Ms T Aughey Teacher of Religious Education
Miss C Parrish Teacher of RE/Health & Social Care
Miss L Ashley Teacher of RE/Health & Social Care



Mrs R Eldershaw Head of Faculty                  
Miss E Dulson Second in Faculty
Mr B Molloy Teacher
Miss N Boumford Teacher
Mrs A Platt Teacher
Mr P Farnworth Teacher
Mr A Goodfellow Teacher
Mr E Taylor Teacher
Mr J Mayland Teacher
Mrs R Farnworth Assistant Headteacher
Mr A James Supervisory Science Technician
Mrs S Evans Science Technician
Mrs J White Science Technician


Mr P Marsh Head of Hard Technology
Mrs T Stenson Head of Soft Technology
Mr C Bailey Senior Assistant Headteacher
Miss N Harris Teacher
Mr S Wilkinson Construction Tutor
Mrs J Page Technician
Mr C Poyser Technician
Mrs A McBain Technician


IT Support

Mr D Fellows ICT Support                         
Miss N Kane ICT Support



Mrs T Short Catering Manager   
Mrs J Cartlidge Cleaning Supervisor   
Mrs J Kemp Careers Advisor