Social Networking

As we know, social networking sites such as ‘Facebook’ are widely used and enjoyed by the majority of parents and older children. However, sometimes these sites are used to publicly discuss matters which may include personal disagreements between pupils at the School or for parents to vent frustration about school matters.

You may not be aware that comments made on social networking sites about an individual can be considered to be ‘defamatory’ and lead to the onset of legal action being taken against those who made them, therefore I feel it is important to remind users of social networking sites to bear this in mind before posting comments.

Social Networking sites are not as ‘private’ as we might like to think and careless or inconsiderate use of these sites can cause unnecessary distress to the individuals concerned, or have an adverse impact on the School in general, or both and this is something the School seeks to avoid.

Thank you all for your co-operation in this matter.