School Uniform

The Academy uniform policy was designed to ensure pupil's appearance is acceptable for such a learning environment. There is an expectation that all pupils appearance and dress will be in line with the policy, when at the academy These items will be checked as part of the PAUSE (punctuality, attendance, uniform, student planner, equipment) programme.  School staff will make the decision on whether an item of uniform meets the criteria.  If you are unsure, contact the respective Head of Pastoral Support or a member of the Senior Leadership Team:

Boys Uniform

Girls Uniform

Black school blazer

Black school blazer

White shirt with collar

  • Must not be fitted
  • Always be worn properly buttoned and tucked  in


White blouse with collar

  • Must not be fitted
  • Always be worn properly buttoned and tucked in


School clip on tie in House colours

School clip on tie in House colours

School style black trousers

  • Must be black
  • Be plain tailored – with defined waistband and zip
  • Hang from the waist line
  • Not be denim (not black jeans) or cargo material
  • Not be hipsters
  • Not be tight or figure hugging material
  • Not have logos on them


School black skirt

  • Must be a school skirt with the school name on the waistband. No other type of skirt is allowed.


School style plain black straight legged trousers

  • Must be plain tailored – with a defined waistband and zip
  • Hang from the waist line
  • Not be denim, cargo material or Lycra etc
  • Not be hipsters
  • Not have a belt buckle either sewn to the trouser or loose
  • Not be of tight or figure hugging material (no leggings)
  • Not have logos on them


Grey / black socks

Grey / black / white socks or black tights (not patterned). Socks should be either ankle or below the knee

Plain black shoes (no trainers or casual black pumps are allowed) see Permitted Uniform Guidance

Plain black, low heeled shoes. Heeled fashion shoes are dangerous on our staircases and should not be worn ( no trainers or casual black pumps are allowed) see Permitted Uniform Guidance


Outer garments: suitable coat/waterproof anorak. Hoodies are not coats and therefore cannot be worn on school premises.

Outer garments:  suitable coat/waterproof anorak. Hoodies are not coats and therefore cannot be worn on the school premises.


P.E. Clothing (essential items for all students)

Games:  Black shorts, black socks, white polo shirt and trainers.

Recommended for outdoor wear:  Black tracksuit, black games shirt, and football boots.

Sports: Shin pads and gum shields are compulsory for some activities.         

Fashion items of clothing are not suitable for school. Denim is not allowed at all.  Excessive make-up and fashion jewellery are unsuitable for school and can pose a health and safety risk.  Excessive make-up will need to be removed.  Hair styles must be appropriate for school; extreme hairstyles are not allowed e.g. shaved heads, Mohicans, brightly coloured dyed hair.  Earrings should be unobtrusive studs or sleepers; a single stud or sleeper may be worn in each ear; certainly no hoops or ear expanders.  We do not allow any further body or facial piercing.

The Headteacher may send the student home after consultation with the parents/carers to remedy breaches of the school’s rules on appearance or uniform. This is not an exclusion but an authorised absence. However, if the student continues to breach uniform rules in such a way as to avoid school, the student’s absence may be counted as an unauthorised absence.

It is important that all items of clothing and other possessions are clearly marked with the student’s name, either a name tape or indelible biro. The suppliers of the blazer and school skirts are, together with any other uniform are:





Recent fashion trends have led to a gradual increase of casual black shoes with leather uppers that appear at first glance to be acceptable school footwear.  These include popular brands such as Converse, Vans, Adidas, New Balance, Puma and Nike. Although these companies often promote these products as ‘school shoes’, in our view footwear of this type is totally inappropriate and is not be permitted. 


We are also conscious that many girls do wear skirts of inappropriate length and need your support to ensure that skirts are a suitable length.  Our uniform suppliers stock a choice of school skirts in various lengths with the school name embroidered on the waistband.   No other type of skirt will be allowed.


These should be black and tailored with no visible zips or press studs.  Jeans or any denim style material, even if black, are not acceptable.  Leggings or alternative trousers that are tight fitting are also not permitted.  Please also note that hoodies and tracksuit tops cannot be worn on the school premises.  If your child is inappropriately dressed he/she will be sent home or a parent/carer expected to drop off the correct uniform.

A condition of student entry to classes at Alleyne’s Academy is the wearing of full school uniform and strict adherence to our dress code.

For examples of acceptable uniform please click here.

For examples of unacceptable uniform please click here


In addition - Mobile Devices

Mobile devices cannot be used at all during the school day because of the negative effect on student learning. Teachers will confiscate devices from those students not abiding by the rules; these will be kept securely in the main office.  A call will be made home with the requirement for a parent/carer to collect the device on their child’s behalf if it is confiscated on more than one occasion per half term.  Please impress upon your child that this procedure will be followed consistently, so it is his/her responsibility to follow our mobile devices rules.  Please refer to our school website for the policy.

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