School Uniform

At Alleyne’s Academy we place an emphasis on pride in our community. A visible indication of this is in the standard of students’ uniform. Many visitors have commented on how smart our students are. However, it is important as we approach the new academic year that we maintain these high standards but at the same time clarify and tighten up some issues regarding the uniform.

Black blazer with the school badge


No rolled-up sleeves

Standard plain black trousers or

No hipsters, jean style, flared trousers with exposed fashion buttons or zips.

Alleyne’s Castle Tartan Skirt (Year 9 only/minimum length is 18 inches))

School black knee length skirt (Years 10&11)

This is the only style of skirt that will be permitted – lycra, tube or ‘stretch skirts’ may not be worn

White plain school shirt


School clip on tie – House colours


Black plain V kneck jumper with or without the school logo

Wearing of the school jumper is optional – No other style of jumper can be worn, this includes hoodies and sweatshirts. Jumpers can only be worn under a blazer and not in place of.

Solid black shoes

Canvas, pumps or any brand of sports trainer or fabric style shoes are not permitted

Plain dark coloured coat

No denim or leather



PE Kit


Black shorts, black socks, Alleyne’s white sports top or plain white polo shirt and trainers.


Recommended for outdoor wear:  Black tracksuit or black leggings, Alleyne’s rugby top and football boots.



Please note: The Alleyne’s Castle Tartan Skirt will be phased in as part of the school uniform, starting with the Year 9 intake in September 2023. In addition, if students in Years 10 and 11 persistently wear an incorrect skirt (that is not listed in the permitted uniform section of the policy), then they will be expected to wear trousers as an alternative. This will be in the best interests of both the child and parent/carer in order to keep the child safe in school and the wider community.


Fashion items of clothing are not suitable for school. Denim is not allowed at all.  Excessive make-up and fashion jewellery are unsuitable for school and can pose a health and safety risk.  Excessive make-up will need to be removed.  Hair styles must be appropriate for school; extreme hairstyles are not allowed e.g. shaved heads, Mohicans, brightly coloured dyed hair.  Earrings should be unobtrusive studs or sleepers; a single stud or sleeper may be worn in each ear; certainly, no hoops or ear expanders.  We do not allow any further body or facial piercing.


The Headteacher may send the student home after consultation with the parents/carers to remedy breaches of the school’s rules on appearance or uniform. This is not an exclusion but an authorised absence. However, if the student continues to breach uniform rules in such a way as to avoid school, the student’s absence may be counted as an unauthorised absence.


It is important that all items of clothing and other possessions are clearly marked with the student’s name, either a name tape or indelible biro. The suppliers of the blazer and school skirts are 

           Permitted Uniform Guidance (‘23/’24)


A condition of student entry to classes at Alleyne’s Academy is the wearing of full school uniform and strict adherence to our dress code. Please use the following examples of acceptable trousers and shoes. The images below will hopefully act as a guide when purchasing the uniform. Please note that skirts must be a modest length and trousers must not be tight fitting

Acceptable girls and boys Footwear


Acceptable skirts (Tartan skirt for Year 9 only) and trousers


Acceptable trousers


Unacceptable Uniform Guidance (‘23/’24)

Please avoid the following:



Footwear that is sold as a trainer / pump with a noticeable logo e.g. Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Balance or Converse logo. No heeled shoes or boots and no canvas, suede or mesh material.


Skirts and Trousers

There can be no zips, writing or studs on the trousers, in addition they cannot be drainpipe or tight fitting (no leggings). There certainly cannot be ankles on show. Similarly the skirts cannot be too short.

Hoodies and Tracksuit tops

Hoodies (of any description) and tracksuit tops are not acceptable.