Parent View Questionnaire

Thank you to all those parents that took the time to fill and return the parent view questionnaires that were recently sent out. It is very much appreciated because it provides the school with valuable parental feedback. The overwhelming majority of parents were extremely complimentary of the school with 90% agreeing that their child feels safe and happy at Alleyne’s Academy. 85% of parents believe that their child makes good progress at the school which is extremely positive.

However, after analysing the returned questionnaires, there were 3 common areas of concern:


Some parents were not informed of when their child had been given homework or how often they were supposed to receive it for each respective subject.


Year 9 Parental Meeting

Some Year 9 parents felt that the Year 9 Progress evening in May was too far away to be productive. They felt it would be more helpful to meet with their child’s respective Tutor shortly after the first monitoring data was issued in October.


Monitoring Information & Guidance

Some parents did not understand the new monitoring system and what it represented, in terms of levels and achievements.


Our Response

  • Students’ will be reminded that they must write any homework in their student planner and share this information with their parents/carers.

  • The Homework Policy will be added to the website for parent/carer’s perusal.

  • A ‘Welcome Meeting’ will be incorporated into next year’s school calendar, so parents in Year 9 will be able to meet with their child’s tutor after the first monitoring is issued to discuss any issues. This will be an ideal opportunity to discuss target grades, assessment, monitoring, SEND provision etc… with the Tutor.

  • There will be a monitoring information and guidance section incorporated into the Year 9 Welcome meeting.

  • The monitoring information and guidance explanations will be looked at and see if they can be simplified.