Commencing Monday 31st January 2022

This year’s Year 12 students have a fantastic opportunity to complete a week’s compulsory Work Experience. The placement will commence on 31st January 2022.

With increasing competition for both University places and jobs, it is really important that the students have the opportunity in Key Stage 5 to organise a week’s Works Experience in industry in their chosen field. The skills and qualities demonstrated and developed during this placement will form part of their personal UCAS reference for those applying for University. For those seeking employment or alternative education after Sixth Form, this experience will be invaluable and may be the difference between them getting a position or not. It is becoming increasingly more important for students at interview to draw on their own experiences and to demonstrate skills such as organisation, initiative and time management.

Students are required, with parental guidance if necessary, to seek their own places for their Work Experience.  It is essential that all students attend placements in a safe and healthy environment and only with employers who have in place a current Employer’s Liability Insurance.  To this end, all placements are checked through Entrust to ensure they meet Health and Safety Standards and all legal requirements for Child Protection.

The progress of students will be monitored by a member of staff either visiting or telephoning the employer during the placement. Please return the form to the white box at the front admin office by Monday 11th October 2021 so that the appropriate checks can be carried out.