Attitude to Learning Criteria



Outstanding (O)

A student with an ATL that is Outstanding will:

  • Have excellent focus in lessons- setting an example to other students
  • Be determined to achieve to the best of their ability
  • Enjoy a challenge – demonstrating resilience in their learning
  • Be prepared to respond to feedback to improve own work
  • Demonstrate an ability to work independently, seeking their own solutions to problems
  • Ask questions to develop their thinking and learning
  • Meet all deadlines

Good (G)

A student with an ATL that is Good will:

  • Start learning readily, always being ready to learn
  • Meet deadlines for work
  • Seek and accept help when needed
  • Learn from mistakes and setbacks
  • Follow all instructions
  • Complete all work set to a good standard

Needs Improving (N)

A student with an AtL that Needs Improving will:

  • Need reminders to focus on learning in lessons, may distract others and be off task
  • Avoid challenging tasks, gives up easily
  • Usually be polite and respectful in lessons, may need occasional reminders
  • Have missed some deadlines for work
  • Need direction to correct errors or learn from mistakes
  • Need reminders to be ready to learn

Serious Concern (C)

A student with an AtL that is a Serious Concern will:

  • Behave in a way which will negatively affect their own learning and that of other students
  • Disrupt the learning environment
  • Normally require supervision to complete work in lessons, does not engage unless closely monitored.
  • Not act upon feedback.
  • Have work which is often incomplete or inadequate, in relation to ability.