Exam Results Days

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Exam Results Days 

We are changing the way that we distribute results because of social distancing rules and to ensure as few people as possible are on school site at any one time.  When emails are opened with results students need to be proud of the work that they have done and excited about the next chapter in their life.  

All exam results for Y13, Y12, Y11 and Y10 (RE) will be emailed to the student’s school e mail address on the day of publication.  Students will be allocated a time slot when, if they wish, they can come into school and talk to our next steps team.  Strict social distancing will be maintained on school site so access will be limited and students will have to wait in line at their allotted times.  

Year 13 you will probably know whether universities have offered you a place based on your results via the UCAS portal and your results will be e mailed to you.  Unless you are changing your mind about your course or need additional advice there will be no need for you to come onto school site.  If you are not going to university and need next step advice or you need advice about the clearing system for university come into school at your allocated time slot or contact Mr Haydon by email.

Year 12 and Year 10 students you will be emailed your results, if applicable; if you have any questions you can contact either Mrs Arnold the Examinations Officer J.arnold@alleynes.staffs.sch.uk or Mr Haydon R.haydon@alleynes.staffs.sch.uk or myself K.lockett@alleynes.staffs.sch.uk