Participants/Parent & Carers

We are hoping with the announcement on Monday (22nd Feb) that by the below dates we will be able to complete the DofE expeditions. As soon as I have confirmation of this, I will be emailing out again to let you know details of the weekends. This is, however, subject to government guidance on school visits, and subject to the route out of lockdown going as planned. 

There may be some changes that we need to make closer to the time, for example we may need to postpone the training weekend, or if overnight visits are not permitted for the training weekend, this might be 2 days with the students going home to sleep, instead of camping out, however as we come closer to these weekends, I will let you know the itinerary and all relevant information. 

 I would like to take this opportunity to say how incredibly proud I am of our DofE students – many of whom I’m approving & assessing on eDofE for different activities. To see how the students are finding ways to support their local communities and families in these times is amazing, and they are incredible young people. Please continue to support and encourage them to fulfil their volunteering, physical and skills sections. 

If anyone needs help submitting their activities with the eDofE app, DofE have now released some useful training videos on youtube:

 Alleyne’s Academy will again be offering the Duke of Edinburgh Award for students in Year 9 & 10 (Bronze), Year 11(Silver) & Sixth Form (Gold) .Students will be registered for the award and their expeditions through the academy, and we will organise the expedition element of the award for the students. If your child was registered last year and unfortunately the expedition was cancelled due to COVID-19, the new expedition dates are below. The dates for the practise and qualifying weekend are after the close of the summer exam period providing this does not change (if it does, we may look to move the dates).

As part of the scheme, students will need to take part in 4 or 5 different activities, some of which they need to complete independently.

Students need to participate in voluntary work (this cannot be for a private company), a physical activity and a skill for roughly an hour a week for the timelines as shown below. Gold participants will also need to complete a residential activity.


Due to current restrictions and the ongoing pandemic, more information can be found on the many ways in which these sections can be completed online at . DofE with a difference allows more activities based from home, with social distancing in mind. Some examples of how students have volunteered would be helping younger siblings with home-schooling, supporting vulnerable people in their community and spending the time to help those in need in a less formal manner than was previously allowed. Students need to log in to their eDofE account (we will provide the login with registration), submit their activities for approval (some activities might not be suitable/appropriate for the section) and then log their activities each week, so for example if they were to work on their fitness each week as their physical, they may upload a screenshot of runkeeper etc. Some of our current DofE participants have done amazingly well this year, contributing 676 hours of voluntary service to the community, which is an amazing achievement.

Prior to the expedition, we require students to have started each section (with the exception of the residential for Gold), and have finished their 3 month section (in Bronze and Silver). Without meeting these requirements, students may not be allowed to participate in the expedition.

Dates for the expeditions are as follows:

Bronze – 2 day expedition, Sat and Sun:

Training Weekend: 24th & 25th April

Practise Weekend: 26th & 27th June

Qualifying Weekend: 10th & 11th July


Silver – 3 day expedition, Fri to Sun:

Training Weekend (2 days): 24th & 25th April

Practise Weekend: 25th to 27th June

Qualifying Weekend: 9th to 11th July


Gold – 5 day expedition:

Training Weekend (2 days): 24th & 25th April

Practise Week: Dates to be confirmed depending on numbers

Qualifying Week: Dates to be confirmed depending on numbers

For Bronze and Silver, we normally complete the training weekend at Standon Bowers, with the practise weekend in the Peak District and the qualifying weekend at Cannock Chase. Drop-off and pick-up locations will be confirmed closer to the expeditions, once these are finalised. The Gold expeditions will be in “wild-country” and may be further away. More details for the Gold award will follow dependant on up-take.

The cost for registration and for the expeditions are as follows:

Bronze: £195

Silver: £250

Gold: £385

Part of the first payment will cover the student’s registration with DofE. Payments, other than the registration, are refundable only until such time as the Academy has to make payment to the supplier(s) providing external services. Once such payment has been completed no refunds can be made. Payments should be made through ParentPay.

The payment schedules are as follows:

Bronze Yr 9 & 10   Silver Yr 11   Gold Yr 12 & 13  
25/11/20 £45 25/11/20 £60 25/11/20 £85
10/1/21 £50 10/1/21 £60 10/1/21 £100
4/2/21 £50 4/2/21 £65 4/2/21 £100
4/3/21  £50 4/3/21 £65 4/3/21 £100


If you made payment towards this last year, then this has been carried over to this year and should be visible on your ParentPay account.

Please return signed consent forms to the Main Office or Mrs Plant by no later than 2nd November, 2020, after which the trip should appear on ParentPay.  The consent forms are here.

If I can be of help in answering any questions, please feel free to email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Mrs M Plant