Covid-19 Remote Learning

Dear Student 

We are sorry to hear that you cannot attend school and are currently self-isolating.

It is imperative that you continue to learn from home and continue to learn the same topics as your peers at the academy. With this in mind, the subjects and topics that you would be studying if you were in school are mapped out below.

You are expected to study the subjects you would have had that day, as if you would be in school and use the below web links to help support developing your knowledge in the set out topic areas for those subjects;


1 .     For instructions please click here








5. Any other subject specific websites as stated in the specific subject  documents.


Art Autumn 1 

Art: Autumn 1 Textiles Year 9  Year 11 

Business Studies Autumn 1

Computer Science

Design & Technology Autumn 1 

Drama Autumn 1

English  Autumn 1 Year 9 

English Autumn 1 Year 10 

English Autumn  1 Year 11 

French Autumn 1 Year 9   Year 10   Year 11 

Geography Autumn 1

Graphics Autumn 1

Health & Social Care Year 9 Tasks & Book    

History Autumn 1

Hospitality & Catering Autumn 1 Year 9  Year 10   Year 11 

IT Autumn 1

Maths Autumn 1 Year 9

Maths  Autumn 1 Year 10

Maths Autumn 1 Year 11 

Music Autumn 1

Physical Education Autumn 1

Religious Education  Autumn 1 Year 9 Tasks & Workbook     Year 10 TasksWorkbook

Science Autumn 1:  Biology  Chemistry  Physics

Spanish Autumn 1


For Remote Log-In instructions please click here 

Students can also access work and useful resources from the Alleyne’s remote desktop. The login is located at the top of the school homepage.

For any ICT issues, relating to passwords or access to the remote desktop, please contact ICT support: