Crocheted Digestive System by Emily Pontin

COVID restrictions have been extremely limiting this year and have had a big impact on delivery of Science lessons in particular, but there was a positive to come from these restrictions too, and this is the impact it has had on former student Emily Pontin. Emily graduated from Alleyne's in 2013 to go and study Medicine at Keele University, and has continued to be a stalwart Alleynian, returning annually to present a Q&A session for aspiring medics in lower school. As part of her final year of study to complete her degree Emily was planning on travelling abroad to complete an elective volunteer module, practicing medicine overseas, however, COVID travel restictions limited this and she was forced to come up with a more novel final module proposal. Emily is a keen crafts person and came up with the faboulous idea of crocheting a set of human organs to be used as a teaching aid! She completed this craft masterpiece during lockdown and presented it to the school Science Department on Tuesday 8th June, where she also delivered an expert lesson on the Human Digestive system to 9A. This incredible resource is now housed in Lab 110 and will be utilised as a teaching aid for years to come. We are very grateful to Dr Pontin who 'wanted to give something back to Allyene's Academy'  and wish her the very best in the next chapter of her career in Medicine.