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Alleyne’s Academy Catch-up Plan 2021 onwards

At Alleyne’s Academy we firmly believe that high quality teaching is the most important aspect of school life. Through outstanding teaching and learning and high quality educational experiences we are able to ensure all students have the opportunity to achieve their potential.

The challenges of COVID-19 were wide ranging, and we are proud that during the historic periods of school closure, Alleyne’s Academy has continued to offer a unique educational experience:

  • All off site lessons after first lock down are live streamed via MS TEAMS.
  • Independent study and homework continued throughout the period.
  • Year 11 transferring into our sixth form experienced an extensive programme of transition arrangements, introducing students to the policies and practices of sixth form life, and a programme of transition work with live teaching and learning opportunities designed to bridge the gap from GCSE to A Level study.
  • Careers guidance continued to be offered through our careers provider – Entrust.
  • Year 11 have received face to face guidance from local college providers
  • Year 13 continued to receive ‘next steps’ guidance and support through the pastoral team.
  • Pastoral Leads maintained significant contact with all students and monitored engagement in live streaming, work being submitted and the quality of the work submitted.
  • Mental health support has been provided by counselling sessions both live and virtually.
  • Music peripatetic lessons maintained throughout the lock down periods.
  • TA support provided via MS Teams.
  • Internal assessments facilitated for students who were self-isolating.


In order to ensure that all students were able to access learning and continue to progress:

  1. Devices were made available to staff and students to enable live streaming to be effective.
  2. Staff assessed work with feedback given to students and students acting on the comments of staff.
  3. Alleyne’s Academy remained open to our more vulnerable students and key worker children.
  4. There was an extensive programme of calling and risk assessment review of all of our EHCP, LAC and vulnerable students.
  5. Students received wellbeing calls from staff to ensure they are engaged and able to learn.
  6. All tutors virtually met their groups to share the successes of the group.
  7. The PE department provided an engaging programme of fitness challenges.
  8. Signposting to incredible opportunities including live streaming theatre, student finance and UCAS guides.
  9. A Year 8 into 9 transition programme included ‘meets’, visits and virtual guidance. Students have embarked on transition activities.

Despite the extensive provision and opportunity it is recognized that students need to be supported in returning to school. In order to be ready to welcome our students back to learning and school life we have an extensive catch-up programme;

Teaching and whole school strategies

Supporting great teaching

CPD for staff on adapting their planning to respond to ‘virtual’ need.

Focus on a knowledge rich curriculum.

Transition Support

Year 8 into 9 transition programme including meets’, visits and virtual guidance.

Identification of students who will struggle to get back to school – to be invited to discuss, visit or walk through the building over the summer holiday.

Built strong relationships with students and parents and these are maintained wherever possible.

Year 11 into 12 transition programme including extensive programme of introducing students to the policies and practices of Sixth Form life, and a programme of transition work along with transition days with live teaching and learning opportunities designed to bridge the gap from GCSE to A Level study.

Continuation of Y8 and Y11 Bridging Projects for movement into Y9 and Y12.

Extended safeguarding and SEND team to respond to the needs of individual students.

Pupils Assessment and Feedback

Assessment plan adapted to ensure regular assessment that is timely and informs teaching and learning. Including; Year 8 Transition tests in June.

Baseline assessment activities (in class) for Year 9, 10 and 11 in order to consolidate summer homework/ bridging projects and identify further gaps in learning. Teaching and learning to be amended accordingly.

A Level ready class assessment for Year 12 (September).

Year 10/ 12 assessments to be investigated for the Autumn term.

Departments to submit a plan of delivery for all Year 11 & 13 courses (in the first instance) to accommodate gaps in learning opportunities and revision/ coursework organisation. To present the plan at line management meetings in September with Headteacher and/ or senior line managers.

Amend the assessment overview and curriculum maps in light of external examination series adaptations.

Summer work for all year groups

NB: All summer work is to be acknowledged, this could be in the form of achievement points/ praise home.

Marking and feedback policy reinstated in September to ensure personalised feedback.

Targeted Support

PET- Xi Summer school for Years 9 and 10 (10 and 11 next academic year)

  • One to one and small group tuition
  • Target students have been identified in all year groups and are the initial focus for intervention/ tuition.
  • Over staffing in some areas to enable tuition and intervention plans/ small group work (Maths and science).
  • Under allocation teaching staff and TA support for specific programmes.

Intervention programmes

All departments have a personalised programme of support and have submitted a revised curriculum plan for Year 11 & 13. Including production of Guided Learning Documents.

Mentoring programme in Year 11 & 13.

HOPE project for identified students to continue

Literacy and numeracy small group tuition provided in school

Assistant SENDCO appointed to target support with SEND students and provided after school tuition

Extended School

All departments offer an extended school provision through after school learning or equivalent/ catch-up.

Wider strategies

Supporting parents and careers through communication through Headteacher updates and the school website.

Virtual recordings of all information evenings.

Summer support

PET- Xi Summer School for Years 9 and 10 (10 and 11 next academic year)

Access to Technology

All classrooms are ‘live teaching’ ready in order to be ready for any further remote learning and to support students removed from lessons.

A set of laptops is available for eligible students to loan to access live learning, even when not in the classroom.








Costings: March 2020 – Present

  • IT support resources/equipment
  • Additional IT support i.e. expert support
  • Additional counselling sessions       £11460
  • Small group tuition in English           £1800
  • Small Group Tuition in Maths           £2080
  • Additional Maths Tutoring Sessions 2021-2022       £14000
  • Additional support for students completing internal assessments at home
  • Additional home tuition for shielding/isolating students and students suffering from anxiety as a result of lock down
  • Time to develop resources for 15 hours of catch up learning in RE lessons
  • 15 x10 hours of catch up teaching for Y10   £6000
  • PET-Vi Summer School cost    £7750
  • Additional staff support needed during summer school 2x members of staff including safeguarding officer and first aider £750
  • Development of literacy and numeracy resources for Y9 tutor period
  • Assistant SENDCO £2000 Post + Time
  • Resources needed to develop summer bridging and catch up projects
  • Training for Staff to deliver via MS Teams
  • ICT for staff in order to deliver teams from home during lock down periods
  • Leadership and Management planning time £6500.00