Mock Examinations

These examinations are extremely important as they are providing students with the opportunity to prepare them fully for what they will experience in the public GCSE examinations next summer.

Students will be expected to bring the necessary equipment to the examinations (pens, pencil, ruler, rubber and calculator) and adhere to the examinations regulations e.g. no mobile ‘phones. Examinations will take place in the Sports Hall and/or School Hall.

Alternative rooming applies to students with Access Arrangements.

An exam timetable will be issued, detailing the date/time, location and seat number for your son/daughter. Please encourage your child to keep this in a safe place.
The work to be examined will vary depending on the examination subject and students will be provided with details of this.

Students should seek guidance from their class teacher in the first instance should they require clarification on any such matter.

Revision topic lists, Guided Learning documents and resources will be published for a range of subjects, across the curriculum, during the next few weeks. Further details on how to access these resources will be sent to you separately.
Your son/daughter should be encouraged to use these as part of their revision programme.

Please encourage and support your child in the run up to these examinations and if you require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact the school.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs R Farnworth
Assistant Headteacher