Urgent information regarding the escalation of control measures in the coronavirus emergency

Dear Parent/Carer

I know that you will have been watching the news over the weekend and will see that the situation is changing rapidly, with pubs and restaurants closing and social distancing becoming the norm.  In line with other responsible employers school staff at Alleyne’s Academy will be deployed on a rota basis to support the emergency childcare that we have been asked to provide to critical key workers.  As of tomorrow school staff will be on the frontline of risk management and infection control.  My aim will be to keep as few people in the school as possible to avoid social contact.  We have put plans in place for tomorrow that are based on the Government’s guidance on social distancing.  I must emphasise that the safest place for your child is at home.  In school there will be increased social contact.  You must not send your child to school unless you have informed us by completing the form which can be accessed by following this link:  https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/AACOVID-19

Sending your child to school is a last resort to support key workers and students that are vulnerable.  It will not be like a normal school day, there will be no formal lessons and breaks will not be as they usually are.  Social distancing procedures will be implemented strictly.  There will be no one to one support for any student.  We have an ever decreasing number of staff who are available to staff this emergency provision so it should only be used if there is absolutely no alternative.  My priority is to keep staff including teachers, support staff, cleaners, caretakers and students as safe a possible.  Some of our staff including cleaners have been told to self-isolate for twelve weeks; this is presenting us with considerable problems.

Children need to enter by the front gate.  The gate will not open until 8.45 and for the foreseeable future we will offer emergency childcare between 9.00am and 3.10pm.  Students will be led to a classroom in small groups.  Break and lunch will be staggered but children will remain in small groups and will not mix socially in groups of more than 7.  They will need to remain at least two metres apart in all situations.  Soap and water is provided and children will be expected to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds when they enter and re-enter the school.  Classroom doors will be propped open to avoid unnecessary touching of the door handle.  Parts of the school will be mothballed in order to concentrate cleaning at the end of a day to a limited area.  Children must not stray out of bounds.

You must have arrangements in place to collect your child quickly if they show symptoms of coronavirus at school.  You will then have to self-isolate for fourteen days.  If you tell us that you are a self-isolating family at any point then you must see out the fourteen days at home and not send your child back into school within this period.

If your child cannot abide by the rules of social distancing and recklessly endangers other children or adults by their risky behaviour I will be forced to withdraw the offer of emergency childcare.

I know that these measures will be alarming to some children.  However, we cannot be irresponsible about this or pretend it is not happening.  It would be advisable for you to explain to your child that things will be very different in school tomorrow and that staff will do everything we can to keep them safe and as content as possible.  We will do our best to provide our support to the front line parents/carers that are working so hard to protect us all but as I am sure you can understand this is a great challenge to us all.  My last piece of advice would be if a child can stay at home safely this is absolutely the best option.

Kind regards,


Karen Lockett