Whole School Update June 2020

Dear Student and Parent/Carer,

Thank you for your continued support through the last few months.  Hopefully we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and we have our fingers crossed that we will be back to some form of normality for September.  I would just like to update you on a few things.

The rest of the summer term

Year 10 and Year 12 students that have been into school have been wonderful.  They have been mature, positive, supportive and extremely sensible.  I hope that they have enjoyed their very limited time back in lessons; I know we have very much enjoyed the fact that we have had more students in school.

We will continue with our existing schedule for Year 12 and Year 10 for in school lessons.  Although the social distancing rules are being relaxed on July 4  I am sure you will be pleased to know that I intend to maintain our existing 2m rule until the end of term.  Students are used to this now, as are staff and safety is of paramount importance.  We have made the decision to continue to focus on the teaching of English, Maths and Science during the Year 10 sessions.  Introducing option subjects would involve increased mixing of Year 10 students during the day and I think it is wise to keep this to a minimum.  Year 10 subject teachers, including options, will continue to set work on line and support this by interactive on line tutorial sessions.

Year 12 will continue to be on site on a Monday for their subject lessons.  Any subjects that cannot be delivered face to face in school will continue to be delivered on line through Teams.  Subject staff will continue to set online work for Y12 students to complete throughout the rest of the week.  Again for Year12 the 2m existing social distancing rule will be maintained until the end of term.


Online Team Tutorials

I hope that these sessions have gone well for Year 9 and 10 and the face to face online lessons for certain Year 12 subjects have been successful.  This is a brand new system for us but one that we are keen to develop.  I realise as well as teachers we are now expecting parents/carers to be IT technicians and it is not easy.  We thank you for your patience and support and if there are any issues we may be able to help you with please email me and let me know and I will pass it on to our IT team.

Children of Key Workers.

We will continue to provide school places for children of Key Workers until the end of term.  The students who have been in have been a joy and extremely positive and well behaved.

Summer Holidays

Alleyne’s Academy will close for all students at the end of the summer term.  This will allow essential site work to take place and also deep cleaning.  The school was open during the majority of the Easter holidays as well as half term as we provided school places for children of key workers.  The summer holiday will also be used to prepare the school for September opening once we know exactly what this will look like and what provisions will need to be made.  School will also be open for students by appointment on GCSE and A level/Level 3 results days.

Exam Results Days (Year 9 Parents/Carers no need to read this section)

  • A Level and all Level 3 Results will be available on Thursday 13 August
  • GCSE and all Level 2 Results for Year 11 will available on Thursday 20 August


We are changing the way that we distribute results because of social distancing rules and to ensure as few people as possible are on school site at any one time.  I am really sad to say it will not be our normal joyous results day with lots of hugs and excitement and I feel really sad that Year 11 and Year 13 will miss out on this experience.  Staff will miss seeing the look on students’ faces when they open their envelope to see results that students have worked so hard for.  However these are strange times and we need to do things differently for which I am really sorry.  My advice to students is only come into school if you really need to.  When emails are opened with results students need to be proud of the work that they have done and excited about the next chapter in their life.  We are looking forward to seeing many students back in sixth form.  I am sure there will be lots of communication via emails with teachers and lots of cause for celebration.   Year 13, please do let us know too about your places for university, apprenticeships and jobs.

All exam results for Y13, Y12, Y11 and Y10 (RE) will be emailed to the student’s school e mail address on the day of publication.  Students will be allocated a time slot when, if they wish, they can come into school and talk to our next steps team.  Strict social distancing will be maintained on school site so access will be limited and students will have to wait in line at their allotted times.  For Year 11 this may be about course choice at Alleyne’s Sixth Form or to talk about other options.  If you have the grades you need and are happy with your course of study, whether that be at Alleyne’s or college there will be no need for you to come into school.  If you want to make changes to your choices or need additional support you must come in at your allocated time slot. All students who have applied to the sixth form will be asked to confirm, or not, their place in the sixth form via email.

Year13 you will probably know whether universities have offered you a place based on your results via the UCAS portal and your results will be e mailed to you.  Unless you are changing your mind about your course or need additional advice there will be no need for you to come onto school site.  If you are not going to university and need next step advice or you need advice about the clearing system for university come into school at your allocated time slot or contact Mr Haydon by email.

Year 12 and Year 10 students you will be emailed your results, if applicable; if you have any questions you can contact either Mrs Arnold the Examinations Officer J.arnold@alleynes.staffs.sch.uk or Mr Haydon R.haydon@alleynes.staffs.sch.uk or myself K.lockett@alleynes.staffs.sch.uk

Start of Term September 2020

Obviously we are not 100% sure what will be happening yet although the Government have made it clear that they intend for all students to be back in school in September.  Traditionally teachers have a professional development day on the first day of term without students so students come into school on the second day of term.  Monday 31 August is a Bank Holiday and the first day of term is Tuesday the 1 September.  We have decided to forego the Teacher Training Day and instead use this day to welcome our new Year 9 and Year 12 students, who, because of lock down have missed out on any proper induction.  We want these students to feel happy and confident.  Particularly for the new Year 9 this will be an opportunity to get to know the teachers, the school layout and each other without other year groups in school.  It will also give us time to work with the new Year12 to ensure that are on the correct course and all set for further study. The start of term will be as follows.

  • Tuesday September 1 - Year 9 and Year 12 only
  • Wednesday September 2 - All Year Groups

Mrs Hewson (Senior Assistant Headteacher) and Mr Whalley (Head of Progress and Support Year 9) will be in touch with students, parents, carers of these year groups with further detail.

By doing this we are not taking any more precious school time away from our Y10, 11 and 13 and it will be a great start to the term.

Once we have more guidance from the DfE we will give you information about how we are making the school Covid safe in accordance with the Government guidelines that will be in place in September.

Year 13 Students Sept 2020- Assessments week commencing 14 September

Our current Year 12 students have missed out on their mock exams because of lock down.  We know that this has been a very difficult time for you and you may be worried about your work load next academic year.  In September we will be setting assessments for our Year 13 A level students in order to inform UCAS predicted grades and grades on references for those wishing to embark on apprenticeships.  These assessments will also give teachers information about how to best support you during the rest of the course.  I would advise that current Year 12 A level students plan and start a revision programme of all work from Year 12 in preparation for these assessments.  There will not be a formal mock week and assessments will most likely be sat in lessons, however it is important that teachers have an idea of the level that students are working at in order to make reliable predictions for Universities and Employers and also to ensure that students are making progress on their course.  I realise this is not an ideal situation because you have not been in school.  If you have any questions about what you need to revise or how to revise effectively contact Mr Haydon or your subject teacher who will give you more guidance and support.
For those students studying our vocational qualifications, as you are aware you will receive credit for your assessments/exams that would have been completed this academic year.  This means that your focus from 2nd September is on the Year 13 part of your programmes of study.

Many thanks for your continued support.  Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kindest Regards,

Karen Lockett