School Opening: 8th March

First day for attending school and testing:

  • Year 12 and Year 13 Monday March 8 (all students in please for Period 1 regardless of timetable as all students will be tested periods 1 and 2.  Sixth form students who do not have a lesson period 1 please report directly to the school hall for testing.)
  • Year 11 Tuesday March 9
  • Year 10 Wednesday March 10
  • Year 9 Thursday March 11

Rota for the return of students to school

Students will be tested on their return to school periods 1 and 2.  Students must follow their normal timetable and their class will be scheduled a time for testing in the main school hall.  After testing is complete, their normal timetable continues.

Teams Lessons

Teams lessons will continue until the year group is back in school.  Teachers will be teaching a combination of face to face and remote lessons until all year groups are back in school on Thursday March 11.

Masks/face coverings must be worn at all times in all areas of the school building including classrooms unless exempt.