Classroom ventilation

As you will be aware the government advice is that all areas of the school need to be well ventilated.  We are doing our best to ensure that this happens by opening windows but as a consequence many classrooms are cold.  Because of this temporary situation which is due obviously to the combination of covid controls and  time of year, students will be allowed, if necessary to wear coats in classrooms. 

I would also advise that students wear an extra layer of clothing, preferably a t-shirt under their school shirt and tie or if necedesary a plain black or navy jumper or sweatshirt over their shirt and tie and under their blazer.  If students choose to wear a jumper ( no hoodies or large slogans please) they must wear this under their blazer and not instead of their blazer.  This is a temporary measure for students own comfort and safety and as soon as I consider the rooms are warm enough to revert to normal uniform I will inform students, staff and parents that this is the case.

Some students have returned to school wearing what would seem to be new trainers that they have had for Christmas, please school shoes only. We will be contacting home if students do not wear school shoes from  Monday and they will be sent home to ensure they are wearing correct school uniform. 

Kind regards, 

 Ms Lockett